If you want to check on the status of a request, you can log into the customer portal and click on the "Tickets" tab.

There are four statuses our team uses to help track the completion of your request:

  1. We're working on it (Open)
  2. Awaiting your reply (Pending)
  3. This request has been resolved (Resolved)
  4. This request has been closed (Closed)

When you click on the "Tickets" tab, the default view shows your open or pending tickets. On the right column you'll see the request status. 

If you'd like to change the default view, select the arrow next to "Open or Pending". The dropdown will allow you to switch the view to:

  • All Tickets
  • Open or Pending
  • Resolved or Closed

To update a request, select the ticket inside of the portal and add your comment. You can also reply to an email thread in your inbox. Try to avoid sending a new email to support@deskteam360.com to update an existing ticket. It will create a brand new request.